Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Each Tuesday, I'm inviting readers to share a brief healthy living tip in the comment section of this blog. It doesn't have to be profound or even original--just something you have found helpful.

It could be a product, food, or easy recipe, a website you like, a quote that motivates you, a smart phone app you track exercise on, a habit you have cultivated, or pretty much anything that others might like to know (or be reminded) about.

Here's my "Tuesday Tip" for this week:

It's a food product I learned about at a Weight Watchers meeting several years ago, although it's not a Weight Watchers product. Unfortunately, this won't be helpful to those of you going the low-carb or gluten-free route, but if you are on a more traditional low-cal and/or low-fat eating plan and you like bagels, check out The Alternative Bagel by Western Bagel.

They are a little on the small side and not quite as dense as regular bagels, but they are quite good for 110 calories each (and much better than the Weight Watcher's brand, IMHO... Do they still make those?). Alternative Bagels are high in fiber and low in sugar and fat, with no trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup. They are available in six varieties: country white, roasted onion, sweet wheat, cinnamon spice, very blueberry, and Italian herb. All have less than half the calories of their traditional counterparts.

I get mine at Publix, in the bakery/deli area, but if you can't find them at your local grocery store it is also possible to order them online at www.westernbagel.com. They do freeze well, in case you want to buy some extras once you find them or when they are on sale. (Last week, they were buy one - get one free at Publix!)

How about you? What tip can you pass along this week that has helped you in establishing a healthier lifestyle?

Please encourage others to leave tips in the comments, as well. I look forward to your ideas!


  1. If your not drinking soda or juices. Its nice to treat yourself to specialty waters in exchange.

  2. Thanks, Gypsy! Great tip... a nice little splurge that doesn't have to cost you a lot of calories in exchange. :)

  3. Hmmm... I seem to collect more blog comments on my Facebook page than on the actual blog. Here are a few of those:

    Dance! (great full body workout)

    fish oil supplements

    Drink plenty of water.

    First commit to your goal, then portion control + whole foods + consistent exercise in moderation = weight loss.


    Reduce sugar intake and increase water intake.

    Zumba classes!

    Thanks for your ideas! Please keep them coming!

  4. By the way, I've never been to a Zumba class, but I know they are very popular. My concern is that I might not be coordinated (or fit) enough to do it. Any of you have any experience with Zumba?

  5. No Zumba here lol... But my Tuesday tip is to learn your triggers. All of us have triggers that make us want to eat the wrong foods (ice cream, pasta, etc.) or too much (binge or bulk eating).

    I have taken note of my prersonal triggers: Stress, sadness or celebrating & boredom are all triggers for me (emotional eating). So when I deal with any of these things I have written down things I can do instead of eat when that trigger hits. For example when I get to feeling sad or down about something I pray, listen to praise & worship music, or have a number of good uplifting movies to watch to help lift me out of my sad mood. If all else fails I do have some low carb treat bars to grab instead of something stupid. For me, learning and preparing in advance for my triggers is another important key to continuing with long term life choices. Thanks Lenora, as always another great blog post!

    p.s. Oh and by the way, this won't help those like me with gluten issues but there are some great low carb whole grain tortillas available now (Misson & La Tortilla + others) that are a healthy option & huge! They are similar to flat bread and great for sandwich rolls or as a mini pizza crust et cetera. They run typically 7 to 8 carbs for each HUGE tortilla. 1/2 makes a hearty sandwich roll at only 3.5 to 4 carbs. :)

  6. Excellent tip, Brenda--so important to ongoing weight loss success, I think.

    And my husband (who is diabetic) and I just discovered those big low-carb tortillas. They're great!