Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time for Tuesday Tips!

I'd like to try a little experiment, if you would be willing to indulge me...

On Tuesdays, I'm inviting readers to share a brief healthy living tip in the comment section of this blog. It doesn't have to be profound or even original--just something you have found helpful.

It could be a food or easy recipe you especially enjoy, a website you like, a quote that motivates you, a smart phone app you track exercise on, or pretty much anything that others might like to know (or be reminded) about.

Here's my "Tuesday Tip" for this week:

If you are tracking the calories, carbs, or Weight Watchers points, etc. of your foods, use a permanent marker to clearly indicate the serving size and number of points, or what-have-you, on the various packages/boxes in your pantry or fridge, so you can easily see it at a glance. When feasible, go ahead and divide foods into individual servings (and mark those), so you can quickly grab a pre-measured serving and know immediately how much you are getting.

How about you?  What Tuesday Tip can you share with the rest of us?


  1. I'm doing the no carb. Consequently, I want a blueberry muffin so bad I could scream. I have several projects going so I can use a painting, a piece of wood I'm carving, finished art I'm making price tags for, to take my mind off of what I can't eat. Diet by distraction - helps to be ADHD.

  2. Nana had trouble with the comments (wonder if others have, too?), so she posted her tip on my Facebook page, and I'm pasting it here:

    Drink water. It helps keep the metabolism stoked up and flushes away the toxins that are released when stored fat is burned. Avoid soft drinks, even the "diet" ones. There's science suggesting that there are taste receptors in the intestine that can't differentiate between artificial and natural sweeteners, and may trigger the release of insulin which causes fat to be stored. Stick to plain water as much as possible.

  3. BTW, since I didn't come up with the whole "Tuesday Tip" idea until late in the day, I do hope everyone will continue to post their tips beyond Tuesday! : )

  4. One tip that helps me tremendously is adopting the "one anything meal a week" approach. I have celiac issues (problems with wheat etc.) so obviously I have to use common sense, but I am on a no refined carbs (no white flour - white sugar etc.) + focus on low glycemic (foods that don't spike one's blood sugar level) type food program. I have a lot of weight to lose so even in the weight loss phase this is long term for me. If I thought I could NEVER have another stuffed potato or rich desert etc., it would be tough on my psyche and mess me up. Plus I have a bit of a rebellious streak so when I hear NEVER in my head it makes me want it more! But since I "know" that if I choose to, that once a week I can have normally forbidden foods, then it makes it so much easier for me to continue to make wise choices the balance of the week and not get caught up in the cycle of having those forbidden foods getting the best of me. When a holiday or celebration comes around, I have my free meal for it. Otherwise, I use it whenever I choose. Believe it or nor many times I don't take advantage of it! Just knowing "I can" is a huge bonus for me personally & sometimes all I need.

    Another great blog post Lenora! Thanks! :)

  5. Great tips, ladies! Thanks so much for sharing them. I hope you'll come back on Tuesdays and post more ideas and other things you have found helpful!