Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keeping Promises

I'm challenging myself to write a fairly brief blog post this time.

It's related to the whole perfectionism/procrastination thing.

Even though I often think of things I'd like to blog about, I tend to put off writing until I've had time to expand on those thoughts for a while.

Then (being an inexperienced blogger) I don't always narrow down my topic enough; I want to be thorough; I lose sight of the fact that I can always write more on the same topic later; and almost before I know it I've written an EPISTLE.

So, what does all this have to do with health or fitness?

I have similar tendencies with eating and exercise.

I will put off exercise until I can do "my whole routine" or "a longer walk," but once I finally make it to the gym, I frequently stay later than I had planned.

I may skip breakfast (yes, I know better!) but once I start eating, I may find it hard to stop, even when I know I've had enough.

I've noticed that we recovering perfectionists sometimes have difficulty with the concept of *enough.*

I'll probably write more about "enoughness" one day.

But, not today...

Because I've written enough for the moment, and I'm learning to do a better job of keeping promises to myself.

What promise to yourself will you keep today?

(I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.)


  1. Love your thought process on perfectionism, Lenora! I can so relate to this term! I'm a die hard perfectionist and it's time to be a little less perfect and forgiving of myself. Right on, Lenora! I need to work on that, like right now. No need to spend 1.5 hrs in the gym tonight, 1 hour is my imperfect decision, which really is quite perfect....Hummm. Good blog!

  2. Absolutely, Rita! We set ourselves up to think of accomplishments almost as though they are failures when we fall into the perfectionism trap: "Oh, I *only* spent an hour at the gym, but I wanted to get in an hour and a half!" We would never DREAM of belittling someone else's efforts in this way. Of course, when we do it to ourselves, it's equally de-motivating. Let's celebrate ALL efforts and progress toward our goals, no matter how "imperfect" they may seem!